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Scroll down for Corona Virus related information links.

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Welcome to Darryl's Gig Guide.

First up is a link to a handy list of venues & contact details.

This is normally followed by the gig guide listing the music, comedy & trivia night gigs for much of Southern New South Wales,  Victoria, Canberra and others but while the Corona shutdown is in place, I have replaced it with links to helpful sites with information about the virus, the shutdown rules and how to get help.    Take care and stay safe.

Please double check with the venue to ensure there have been no cancellations or other changes, particularly in the fire areas.

Please send any additions or amendments to

or send a message to my Facebook page.

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There are such a diverse range of musical acts all around our region. One of the organisations that has been supporting music is the Bidgee Blues Club. They are located in Wagga Wagga and as well as hosting various blues music events, they also host a monthly (except January) open mike afternoon on the first Sunday of each month. Hundreds of different acts, both blues and other genres, have performed there over the years and it is always a great day. The open mikes are held from 2pm the first Sunday of the month at the Thomas Blamey Tavern in Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga.

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Corona Virus Information.

It's heart breaking to see all the gigs that have been cancelled and all the artists, venues and their staff and others who have lost their livelihoods, but it's even worse thinking of what the alternative is.

I hope that all of you, your families and friends come through this in good health and for those who do become ill recover quickly.

It is great to see the sharing spirit of many musicians who are providing entertainment and a bit of happiness on line for everyone who is suffering.   Thank you.

If you would like to help out our musicians and support crews or if you are in the inustry and need a hand, please check out:


For the time being while the shut down is in place, I'm going to try to put this page to good use by providing some links to official and good sites providing information about the virus and what is going on in Australia in an effort help people get correct information and cut down on the worry and confusion.

Here are just a few links to start with.   I will add more over the next few days.

World Health Organisation.

World Cases, deaths & recoveries.

Australian Government Sites.

Federal Government.

Department of Health Corona Virus Information Page.

Australian Government Page.

Latest Federal Government Updates.

Australian Government’s Economic Response to Coronavirus.

Centrelink Job Seeker Payment Information.

Check Your Symptoms Online (Health Direct).

How to create a My.Gov account.

Protect Those At Risk.

Protecting Yourself (and Others).

Public Gatherings Rules.

Self Isolation.

Social Distancing.

Information for newly registered job seekers.

Information for pre Virus job seekers.

School and Uni Information from the Department Of Education.

Smart Traveler Corona Virus.

Travel Restrictions Department of Home Affairs.

Trapped overseas?   

For Consular assistance call +61 2 6261 3305 from overseas 1300 555 135 from within Australia.   For non-urgent inquiries, email

ACT Government.

ACT Health.

Australian Capital Territory Education.

NSW Government.

New South Wales Government Corona Virus Page.

New South Wales Education.

NT Government.

Northern Territory Government Corona Virus Page.

Northern Territory Department Of Education.

QLD Government.

Queensland Government Corona Virus Page.

Queensland Department Of Education.

SA Government.

South Australian Government Corona Virus Page.

South Australia Department For Education.

Tasmanian Government.

Tasmanian Department Of Health.

Tasmanian Department Of Education.

Victorian Government. 

Victorian Government Department Of Human Services About Corona Virus  (Very imformative).

Health Victoria.

Department Of Education Victoria.

WA Government.

Western Australian Government Corona Virus Page.

Western Australian Department Of Education.

I would also like to say thank you to all the health and emergency services people who are out there looking after us and also all the other people still providing services.

Please remember to treat these people with respect when dealing with them and to say a big thank you.

Wangaratta based band Intensity regularly perform over a wide area including North Eastern Victoria, the Riverina and the NSW South Coast and at times have performed as far south as Melbourne and also have bookings as far north as Brisbane. The mainstays of the group are Michelle and Riff who perform as a duo or as aband with 3 or more members as required by the gig at hand.

Intensity at The Home Tavern.

Intensity at The Home Tavern.

Intensity performed at the Home Tavern in Wagga Wagga on Friday the 27th of October 2017.
Photographs by Darryl Gibbs & Kelli Boyton.
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April 2020.

Live gatherings in Australia have been cancelled due to the Corona Virus.

I hope things improve and we can get back to our normal lives soon.

Wagga based band "Old Skool" are a very popular band which has built up a large following of both young and old in Wagga and the surrounding region.

Old Skool at the Duke Hotel, Wagga.

Old Skool at the Duke Hotel, Wagga.

Old Skool performed at the Duke Hotel in Wagga on Friday the 25th of August 2018.

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May 2020.

Live gatherings in Australia have been cancelled due to the Corona Virus.I hope things improve and we can get back to our normal lives soon.

1 May 2020.   Friday. 

2 May 2020.   Saturday.

3 May 2020.   Sunday.

Bidgee Blues Club Open Mike - The Thomas Blamey Tavern.   2pm.

4 May 2020.   Monday.

5 May 2020.   Tuesday.

6 may 2020.   Wednesday.

7 May 2020 .   Thursday.

8 May 2020.   Friday.

9 May 2020.   Saturday.

10 May 2020.   Sunday.

11 May 2020.   Monday.

12 May 2020.   Tuesday.

13 May 2020.   Wednesday.

14 May 2020.   Thursday.

15 May 2020.   Friday.

16 May 2020.   Saturday.

17 May 2020.   Sunday.

18 May 2020.   Monday.

19 May 2020.   Tuesday.

20 May 2020.   Wednesday.

21 May 2020.    Thursday.

22 May 2020.   Friday.

23 May 2020.   Saturday.

24 May 2020.   Sunday.

25 May 2020.   Monday.

26 May 2020.   Tuesday.

27 May 2020.   Wednesday.

28 May 2020.   Thursday.

29 May 2020.   Friday.

30 May 2020.   Saturday.

31 May 2020.   Sunday.

Up & coming country singer, Dan Henwood is from Wangaratta and is often seen performing at venues around North East Victoria and the Murray region and has also perfomed further afield in Sydney & Tamworth & soon will also be in Queensland too. His first EP was released during October 2019.

Dan Henwood

Dan Henwood

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June 2020.

Live gatherings in Australia have been cancelled due to the Corona Virus.I hope things improve and we can get back to our normal lives soon.

1 June 2020.   Monday.   


Trivia – Zagame's Berwick Hotel. 7pm.

2 June 2020.   Tuesday.

3 June 2020.   Wednesday.

4 June 2020.   Thursday.

5 June 2020.   Friday.

6 June 2020.   Saturday.

Wagga Wagga.

Deja Groove – Union Club Hotel. 9.30pm.

7 June 2020.   Sunday.


Sean Harvey – Burra Brewing Co. 2pm.

Wagga Wagga.

Bidgee Blues Club Open Mike - The Thomas Blamey Tavern.   2pm.

8 June 2020.   Monday.

9 June 2020.   Tuesday.

10 June 2020.   Wednesday.

11 June 2020.   Thursday.

12 June 2020.   Friday.


Country Round Up feat Tania & Ray Kernaghan & more – Corowa RSL Club. 7pm.

13 June 2020.   Saturday.


Country Round Up – Corowa RSL Club.

Wagga Wagga.

Deja Groove – The Rules Club. 8pm.

Shotput Kitty – the Duke Of Kent Hotel. 8pm.

14 June 2020.   Sunday.


Eric Collier – Burra Brewing Co. 2pm.

15 June 2020.   Monday.

16 June 2020.   Tuesday.

17 June 2020.   Wednesday.

18 June 2020.   Thursday.

19 June 2020.   Friday.

20 June 2020.   Saturday.


Mud Train – Alpine Hotel. 9pm.

21 June 2020.   Sunday.


Emily Murdica – Burra Brewing Co. 2pm.

22 June 2020.   Monday.

23 June 2020.   Tuesday.

24 June 2020.   Wednesday.

25 June 2020.   Thursday.

26 June 2020.   Friday.

27 June 2020.   Saturday.

Wagga Wagga.

Aaron Oldaker – The Loft, Victoria Hotel. 7pm.

Mirusia a Salute to the Seekers & Classics – Wagga Civic Theatre. 7.30pm.


Kayla – Figtree Hotel. 8.30pm.

28 June 2020.   Sunday.

29 June 2020.   Monday.

30 June 2020.   Tuesday.


Trivia – Terminus Hotel. 7pm.

Current featured artist - Dave Cook. Dave is a Wagga based singer who is a regular at Wagga venues and is also available for private events.

Dave Cook.

July 2020.

August 2020.

September 2020.

October 2020.

November 2020.

December 2020.

January 2021.