How to use our site

How to use and navigate our site.

Welcome to my site.

It is still currently under construction, but I do intend to have all the main links set up soon after I have done a bit more fine tuning.

On some pages you will notice a small house icon to the left of the header.  You can click on it to go back to the home page.

You can also use the back button on your browser or device that you are viewing the site on.

When you first enter the albums you will see all the photos laid out in the gallery view and you can click on the photo you want to view a bigger version.

The best way to look at the photos is to click on the slideshow button and then the photos in the album will run through one at a time full screen.  On your computer and tablet you will find the slideshow button towards the top right corner of your screen.

I do not have the online order system up and running yet, but with the exception of the samples photos folders, you will notice that each photo in the folders are numbered.

Make a list of the numbers you want, what album they are from and what size you want and you can email, message via Facebook, phone me or drop in with it and I shall get your order printed for you.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact me.

E-mail me.

Phone me - 0421 668172.